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Advanov has broad range of advanced oncology products which are available as Oral, Injectables and prefilled syringes. Our oncology portfolio comprises of advanced chemotherapeutic agents to treat entire gamut of cancer diseases including Leukaemia, Breast cancer and Colorectal cancer.


  • Capsules
  • Coated Tablets
  • Injections
Product Name Dosage Form Strength
Lenalidomide Caps 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 25mg
Nilotinib Caps 150mg, 200mg
Temozolomide Caps 5mg, 20mg, 100mg, 140mg, 180rng. 250mg
Product Name Dosage Form Strength
Anastrozole Coat. Tab 1mg
Dasatinib Coat. Tab 20mg, 50mg, 70mg, 100mg
Bicalutamide Coat. Tab 50mg, 150mg
Capecitabine Coat. Tab 150mg, 500mg
Erlotinib Coat. Tab 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg
Gefitinib Coat. Tab 250mg
Lapatinib Coat. Tab 250mg
Abiraterone Coat. Tab 250 mg
Imatinib Coat. Tab 50mg, 100mg, 400mg
 Exemestane Coat. Tab 25mg
Sunitinib Coat. Tab 12mg,5mg, 25mg, 50mg
Letrozole Coat. Tab 2.5mg
Product Name   Dosage Form Strength
Azacitidine Lyoph. lnj. 100mg
Bendamustine Lyoph. Inj. 100mg
Bleomycin Lyoph. Inj. 15 IU
 Bortezomib Lyoph. lnj 3.5mg, 2mg
Doxorubicin Lyoph. Inj. 10mg, 50mg
 Gemcitabine Lyoph. Inj. 200mg, 1000mg & 1400mg
 Oxaliplatin Lyoph. Inj. 50mg, 100mg & 200mg
 Pemetrexed Lyoph. Inj. 500mg, 1000mg
Temozolomide Lyoph. Inj. 100mg
 Zoledronic acid Lyoph. lnj. 4mg
 Cabazitaxel liq Inj. 60mg/1,5ml
 Carboplatin liq Inj. 150mg & 450mg
 Cladribine Iiq Inj. 10mg/10ml
Clofarabine Iiq Inj. 20mg/20ml
 Docetaxel Iiq Inj. 20mg, 80mg, 120mg, 160mg
 Irinotecan liq Inj. 40mg, 100mg & 200mg
 Oxaliplatin liq Inj. 50mg, 100mg & 150mg
 Paclitaxel liq lnj. 30mg, 100mg, 260mg, 300mg
 Zoledronic acid liq Inj. 4mg